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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 4, Day 23: Receivers Absorb Energy

Know the Direction of Your Energy

Perhaps you noticed in yesterday’s assignment that you feel the emotional energy of a room or the people near you. You can feel the mood of your spouse or roommate the moment they enter your home, even before they speak.

You may have noticed that certain people or situations leave you feeling angry or anxious, or physically exhausted. You may enjoy going out with friends, but you need time alone afterward to recover. Do people accuse you of being too sensitive or taking everything personally? Are you chronically tired with no medical diagnosis to confirm a problem?

Receivers are also known as empaths. It’s not the same as empathy. Empathy is when you consciously choose to feel what another being is feeling. You put yourself in their situation and reach out emotionally to connect. An empath receives the energy vibrations of everyone and everything. There are highly sensitive empaths, mildly sensitive empaths and a huge range in between. Everyone has the ability to receive, but most people are set to broadcast and they turn this part of themselves off.

Empaths are born to receive, but they send out signals of compassion or need. They spend most of their lives unaware that they are taking on the emotions and thoughts of others as if those issues belong to them. If you identify as a receiver, you may feel completely out of balance at times; overwhelmed with sadness, quick to anger, capable of great joy and excitement, and bogged down with insecurity. Empaths are prone to headaches, heartaches and exhaustion. The compassionate signals they send out are beacons for needy, dysfunctional people. If the signal they send out is of need or insecurity, they will be taken advantage of by someone attracted to this energy.

The energy of the earth is vitally important to an empathic receiver. When you’re feeling overwhelmed with an emotion and you’re not sure why, separate yourself from the situation and go outside. Get in touch with the earth and search your heart. Does the emotion or issue belong to you? If you’re angry, does this anger really belong to you? Think about the people you’ve been in contact with lately. Did you carry their emotions with you unintentionally?

You may also be able to trace a physical symptom to someone or something you absorbed. The next time you experience a headache, back pain, a stomach ache or other symptom, spend time alone and search for the origin. Sit on the ground, lean against a tree or just breathe in fresh air. You may be surprised to realize a certain person, place or task brings about a physical problem for you.

Empathic receivers must learn to protect their energy and shield their space in order to heal emotionally and physically. The Course in Healing will help empathic receivers adjust the frequency of the energy you receive to a higher vibration. Once you identify the source of low vibrational energy, you can begin to change the channel.

Affirmation: As I look in the mirror today, I love and accept myself fully. I am responsible for what I broadcast and what I receive. I focus on broadcasting and receiving energies of love, joy and peace.


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