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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 4, Day 24: Broadcasters Transmit Energy

Know the Direction of Your Energy

Just as the name implies, broadcasters send out waves of energy to everyone and everything. Most broadcasters send out low vibrational energies, emotional baggage they are unaware they are carrying. However, there are some broadcasters who have learned to send out uplifting, healing energies.

Do you find it easy to walk into a room and socialize? Do you prefer to have music, especially loud music playing in the background? Does your ideal evening or vacation involve time spent with friends and in public places? Are you more comfortable at home by yourself, or in a concert stadium with thousands of cheering fans? Do you spend most of your time talking, either on the phone or in meetings, or maybe your passion is acting or singing? Broadcasters tend to be extroverted, enjoying the company of friends and large groups of people. They may be great at public speaking. They form unwavering opinions on whatever interests them – from politics and religion to exercise and hobbies – and are committed to offering their opinions to others.

Broadcasters are not always vocal. They may instead broadcast their energy with provocative clothing and physical exhibitions. Physical broadcasters work hard on their bodies and are not afraid to show it off. The amount of time you spend promoting yourself on social media may be a clue as to whether or not you’re a physical broadcaster.

Everyone has the ability to broadcast. If all thoughts and emotions are waves of energy, then we are all sending out and receiving at all times. Broadcasters are born to send out amplified energy. They don’t pay much attention to what is going on around them unless another broadcaster is drowning them out, then they crank up their own volume to be heard and felt. It takes a lot of time and practice for a broadcaster to learn how to become aware of other signals.

When broadcasters get sick, they sometimes become the Eeyore’s of society. They broadcast every symptom, every injustice, every mishap they’ve encountered and make sure everyone else shows the appropriate amount of sympathy or outrage. They may even adopt new sicknesses as soon as one set of symptoms have cleared. Do you struggle with chronic inflammation that manifests in multiple ways? Perhaps you changed your diet to relieve chronic digestive issues, but now you’re experiencing symptoms of arthritis?

Recognizing your energy signal as a broadcaster is important to your healing. Understanding when and how to listen to your body, your thoughts, your emotions and to the spiritual realm allows healing to take place. Raising the vibrational energy of the signal you send out will help maintain a state of wholeness for yourself and others.

Affirmation: As I look in the mirror today, I love and accept myself fully. I am responsible for what I broadcast and what I receive. I focus on broadcasting and receiving energies of love, joy and peace.


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