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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 4, Day 26: Receivers Must Adjust Their Reception

Know the Direction of Your Energy.

As you look back over the last 4 days of insights, write in your journal all that you have learned about yourself. Knowing who you are is the first important lesson of healing. Knowing how you send out and receive energy will help you focus on either protecting yourself from others, or adjusting the type of message you are giving off. Writing in your journal, meditating, breathing, these are the habits of a mind that wants to know itself. These are the daily rituals of healing.

Empathic receivers must spend time in silent disconnection from others to become aware of their own energy. Knowing exactly how you feel emotionally and physically will allow you to recognize a disturbance that is coming from an external force. Are you angry today? If not, where is that feeling of anger coming from? Did you wake up feeling depressed or fearful?

Check in with yourself several times a day. When a strong emotion sparks, center yourself first before you follow the trail of that fuse to an emotion that has nothing to do with you.

You will learn with practice how to recognize what is coming from your highest energies, and what is leaking in from lower sources. In this way, you will rise above the energy pollution that has been wearing you down for years. You will learn to redirect your energy outward with love and joy for everyone you encounter, making it impossible for any energy of discord to penetrate the shield of your lightness.

Today, whether you are a receiver or a broadcaster, breathe in deeply and hold in only the emotions you desire to feel. When you exhale, send out those emotions to all of your connections. Whatever you send out, that is the vibrational energy that will resonate back to you. If you want healing, send it out in waves. If you want joy, send out feelings of joy, especially for the people in your life who are angry and disruptive.

Affirmation: As I look in the mirror today, I love and accept myself fully. I am responsible for what I broadcast and what I receive. I focus on broadcasting and receiving energies of love, joy and peace.


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