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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 4, Day 28: Awareness Redirects Your Signal

Know the Direction of Your Energy.

All week, you learned about the different ways energy flows between us. In week 3, you learned that everything is energy; your thoughts, emotions, your physical body and your spirit. All that swirling energy impacts the way we feel and the way we act.

Day 22: Recognize receivers vs. broadcasters. We all transmit and receive, but we each have a dominant flow of energy either inward or outward.

Day 23: Empathic receivers absorb energy, while sending out signals of compassion or need. Unaware empaths attract energies that will drain or exhaust them.

Day 24: Broadcasters transmit energy. They don’t pick up on the energies of others because they are focused on sending out.

Day 25: Parasitic receivers drain energy. They transmit only energies that will attract people who will validate and sustain them. They have lost their connection to a higher source of power, and many times they block the connection by believing they are not worthy of it.

Day 26: Receivers must adjust their reception. If you don’t know where your energy begins and ends, you will not recognize the intrusion of energy from somewhere else.

Day 27: Broadcasters must adjust their content. You are responsible for the energy you put into the world. Whatever you choose becomes the frequency you become.

Today, look back on these assignments and complete each one with your full effort if you have not done so already. Healing involves your complete desire and focus. Honor this decision by devoting yourself to the practices of healing.

Affirmation: I promise to walk through each step of this journey aware of my energy. My awareness over time forms my choices, my choices become my habits, and my habits become my reality.


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