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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 4: Know the Direction of Your Energy

Day 22: Recognize receivers vs. broadcasters

If everything is energy, there must be energy broadcasters and receivers. You are both, to some extent. Knowing how strongly you broadcast or how sensitive you are to reception is instrumental to your healing.

When you enter a room full of people, what do you notice first? Sights, sounds, colors and smells? Do you scan the room for familiar faces, gravitating to the sound of laughter or loud music?

Or, maybe you enter the room and notice immediately the feeling of joy and excitement mingling with anger and anxiety. You know right away who had an argument on the way to the gathering, and who is amped up on artificial stimulants. You are drawn to the epicenter of calm, joyful togetherness.

Pay attention the next time you’re with a group or in a crowded place. How do you feel after spending time surrounded by people? How do you feel after spending an evening alone? What situation rejuvenates you?

All emotions, all thoughts carry a vibrational energy. Where that energy goes, how far it goes is dependent upon your signal. Think of a radio; you turn the dial to receive different frequencies. Radio towers transmit a signal at one set frequency for each station.

The act of sitting in silence and breathing is like adding a signal booster to your reception, and helping you tune into only those frequencies that aid in your healing.

Affirmation: By expressing my gratitude daily, I elevate the frequency of energy that I transmit. I am responsible for what I broadcast and what I receive.


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