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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 5, Day 30: Emotions Originate as Judgment

Understand the Energy of Emotions.

If emotions and thoughts are separate, which one is in control? Does an emotion happen spontaneously and then lead to a train of thought? Or does the way you think determine the emotions that erupt?

Sit with those questions. Realize you may have had it backwards for most of your life. Think about things you have said or overheard.

“I have a right to be angry/depressed/sad/hurt/jealous.”

“I can’t help the way I feel.”

We have come to believe that emotions are just another reflexive response to external stimulus. We are so out of touch with our bodies, our thoughts, and our spirits that we actually feel threatened while sitting in the comfort of our own homes watching TV or reading the news. Does your face heat up, and your heartbeat and breathing increase when you encounter an opinion you disagree with? These are stress responses that were biologically designed to keep you safe. How are you in danger while reading comments on social media or listening to a coworker? What is causing you to feel fear or anger?

Toxic burdens on the body have a toxic influence on our thoughts, which in turn influences our emotions. Deciding to think only happy thoughts is not the antidote to healing a physical imbalance or eliminating a pathogen. However, changing the way you judge situations, learning to feel at peace and connected to a higher vibration will help activate your body’s natural healing abilities as you work to restore your overall health.

Connecting your emotions with your dis-ease is one more step on your healing journey. Remember, all four rooms are involved in healing.

Affirmation: Even though my emotions may seem to spiral out of control at times, I love and respect myself. The habits of my thoughts determine how I feel, physically and emotionally. By becoming aware of these destructive habits, I will reprogram my thoughts to create the emotions of healing.


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