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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 5, Day 31: You are Only as Strong as your Lowest Vibration

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Understand the Energy of Emotions

What is a low vibration vs. a high vibration?

Think in terms of radio waves. You learned about the difference between receivers and broadcasters in Lesson 4. Just as there are different radio stations based on the frequency of the sound waves, emotions emit different frequencies. Lower emotions are slow, low frequency vibrations. Higher emotions are fast, high frequency vibrations. If we could hear them, anger would emit a low pulsing bass rhythm. Love would emit a higher, fast vibrato.

As you learned in Lesson 4, receivers can feel these vibrations. The energy emanates from and through people and places. Even if you think an argument or unkind act happened in the past, the vibration of the energy remains. Sensitive people and animals can pick up on low vibrations long after the emotion has passed. As you learn to identify your emotions, also notice the emotional energy of the people around you.

Journal your emotions. Think about your various emotions from yesterday or the past week. What was your lowest emotion? Did you feel guilty (shame) or did you blame someone or something for an unpleasant situation? Were you depressed, angry or feeling hopeless or regretful? Whatever your lowest emotion was, that’s your point of weakness. When your energy exists in the lower realms, the natural healing ability of your body is disrupted by these vibrations.

As with all lessons, healing begins with awareness. The point of sitting in silence, and observing your breathing is to bring your awareness to the current moment. If you’ve never meditated or found it too difficult, the practice of sitting and breathing is meditation.

It’s not about stopping all thoughts, it’s about becoming aware of them as they happen. You will learn to process your thoughts from a higher level of consciousness, which in turn will allow your emotions to flow freely at a higher level of vibration.

Affirmation: Even though my emotions may seem to spiral out of control at times, I love and respect myself. The habits of my thoughts determine how I feel, physically and emotionally. By becoming aware of these destructive habits, I will reprogram my thoughts to create the emotions of healing.


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