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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 5, Day 32: Chart of Emotional Energy

Understand the Energy of Emotion

Sensitive receivers, especially emotional empaths, will have a sensory understanding of what each emotion feels like even if you’re just becoming aware of it. If it doesn’t make sense yet, study the flow of energy on this chart of emotional energy.

As you look over the chart, don’t get hung up on the words. There are many synonyms for the emotions on this list. Future lessons will dive deeper into each level.

Review your journal entry from Lesson 1 where you identified toxic vs. healing choices. Breathe deeply in through the nose, hold it, exhale through the mouth. Repeat this two more times.

Where do you spend most of your time on your original list? If you are still making more toxic choices than healthy choices, you’re likely to feel less control over your emotions. Where do you spend most of your time on the chart of emotional energy? When did you decide to give up control of your emotions?

Many people never had control. Children have very little control over their emotions, especially when their physical and spiritual needs are not being met. Think about it. Joyful children are well-rested, nourished with healthy foods and they feel secure and unafraid. When did you decide to go backwards in your development, overlooking your basic needs? Journal your thoughts. Answer the questions.

Now ask yourself: when did I last feel connected to pure joy?

Affirmation: Even though my emotions may seem to spiral out of control at times, I love and respect myself. The habits of my thoughts determine how I feel, physically and emotionally. By becoming aware of these destructive habits, I will reprogram my thoughts to create the emotions of healing.


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