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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 5, Day 34: Forgiveness Produces High Vibrations: Healing

Understanding the Energy of Emotions

“I’ll forgive, but I’ll never forget.” Sound familiar? There’s no healing, no forgiveness in that thought. This is your separate self (ego) saying that you will never move past a wound. This reaction to perceived injustice is cloaked in shame and blame.

Forgive what? How can forgiving a person who caused you pain lead to a purposeful, joyful life? How can forgiving yourself lead to healing?

Look back on yesterday’s journal. If you didn’t do it, or didn’t spend much time on it do it now. Where could forgiveness come into each situation? Can you forgive yourself for anything? Can you forgive your body?

If fear leads to separation, forgiveness leads to connection. Connection to what? Connection to everything: to your higher self, to everyone else’s higher self, and to the infinite source of all. Your spirit vibrates in the higher levels of emotion, just as your connection to God happens in those higher vibrations. Rising above your separate self to think, act and feel as your connected self is your goal.

Take one step at a time. What makes you happy; the bubbling up, light-headed, can’t stop smiling kind of happy? Who and what do you love without any conditions? What are you grateful for? What inspires you? If you have no answers to these questions, you will struggle to connect with healing.

At this point in The Course, go back to a practice that was introduced in Lesson 1: looking in the mirror. You’ve been reminded many times to make breathing and meditation a daily ritual. Today you are reminded to look in the mirror as you say each day’s affirmations. Connecting to healing requires connecting to yourself.

Affirmation: Each day as I gain new awareness of my emotions, I love and respect myself. By changing the habits of my thoughts, I choose the emotions of healing.


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