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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 5, Day 35: Express Emotions, Don't Repress Them.

Understand the Energy of Emotions.

How do you simply elevate your emotional state, never feeling anger or sadness or anxiety? Even if you attempt to forgive a person or situation immediately after an incident, does that really erase the wound?

The point of awareness is not to eliminate all the ego-driven emotions, it’s to understand the misconceptions in your subconscious that keep them present. Of course there will be situations that will make you feel sad. Feel it. Let the pain fully express itself as you seek healing. Perhaps you lost someone you love. Feel the weight of your grief as equally as the weight of your love.

Letting go of heavy emotions is part of the healing process. Repressing them or trying to think happy thoughts to erase them is allowing the wound to grow under the surface. You may be surprised to realize you have buried all sorts of toxic emotions over the years. That toxic accumulation has been growing like an abscess, polluting your thoughts and your body.

Explore why you feel what you feel. When your thoughts involve separation, loss, a missed opportunity or lack of material goods, journal all the reasons you feel this way. Did someone take something from you? Did someone leave your life before you could repair a relationship? Do you think you will be happy once you achieve success or wealth or lose weight? What is the lesson you can learn from each hardship? What will you do differently in each new chapter of your life?

Pain and hardship exist to teach you something. When pain or anguish explodes into your life, you are being called to attention.

The process of healing your emotions will become easier as your connection to higher energies expands, allowing your thoughts to align with higher intentions.

Affirmation: Each day as I gain new awareness of my emotions, I love and respect myself. By changing the habits of my thoughts, I choose the emotions of healing.


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