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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 6, Day 37: Drugs & Supplements Involve Energy Healing

Day 37: All Healing is Energy Healing

Prescription drugs initiate chemical reactions within your body. Some drugs kill off pathogens, others may add a missing element, or shut down the overproduction of another.

Supplements adjust body chemistry too, but are often overlooked. Why? Vitamins and minerals can’t be patented by pharmaceutical companies. Supplements also are not tested by the FDA, so the medical community tends to ignore them in favor of patented synthetic drugs. Unfortunately, because of this lack of testing, some supplements are chemically ineffective even if the theory behind their use is proven.

Natural remedies offer many advantages to your overall health, despite the lack of oversight by scientists and governments. Medicines grown in nature were designed to work with your body. Seek out the help of an herbalist or naturopath to help you.

Before taking any medication, read and understand all the risks. Research drug and food interactions with everything you take.

Use your meditation practice to sit in silence, breathing deeply, allowing your thoughts and worries to dissolve into the stillness. A daily practice will help restore clarity to your thoughts, and increase your intuition. When you hold a bottle of medicine, what does your gut tell you? Do the same for a supplement or herbal remedy.

While exploring healing through the use of drugs, vitamins or herbs, your best place to start is through testing. Find out what you are lacking, what you have too much of and if you are sensitive to anything. Start with a basic blood test if you’re not sure.

Find a doctor who will answer your questions and help you get to the facts about your body chemistry. Always question a prescribed drug, asking not only for side effects, but if there are any alternatives. Be open to healing your body chemistry with natural remedies to reduce the burden on your body.

Affirmation: I open myself to all possibilities. Just as dis-ease has many causes, healing can come from many sources.


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