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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 7, Day 44: Ask Yourself "When?"

Your Dis-Ease is Your Teacher

Do you remember the last time you felt really healthy? Not just fit or strong of body, but free from worry? When did you last feel loved and joyful and free?

Sometimes, an illness begins long before the physical symptoms that you call your diagnosis. Cancers, autoimmune diseases and other chronic, debilitating conditions begin long before you notice their impact. When do you think your dis-ease began?

It’s an agonizing process to think back to the body you wish you could have again. But sometimes, thinking back to that body, to the person you were then, helps you unravel the tangled web of your dis-ease that leads to a new, better version of yourself.

Affirmation: As I sit in silence, I ask my body, mind and spirit what I need to learn about myself from this experience of dis-ease.


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