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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 7, Day 48: Ask Yourself “Why?”

Your Dis-Ease is Your Teacher

Why me? Why this? The why of illness always feels like a punishment at first. We either think we don’t deserve the dis-ease, or perhaps that we do deserve it and are being punished in a spiritual way.

Go back to the Chart of Emotions (Lesson 5, Day 32). Blame, shame and anger are energies of fear and separation. Spirit and healing does not reside at this level. You are not being made to suffer as punishment for anything. When you can raise your emotional vibrations to the levels of healing and connection, you will appreciate the important lesson of dis-ease.

Why are you struggling with this illness? Your dis-ease is your teacher. What lesson are you not willing to face about your life? Why are you unwilling to change your beliefs, your thoughts, your diet, your physical activities and your relationships?

Affirmation: As I sit in silence, I ask my body, mind and spirit what I need to learn about myself from this experience of dis-ease.


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