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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 7: Your Dis-ease is Your Teacher

Day 43: Ask Yourself “What?”

What exactly is your diagnosis? What part of the body? Does it involve pain, numbness, skin issues, visual problems, depression, insomnia? Define exactly what the physical problem is. Write this question and answer in your journal.

Now, think about what that means for you. Look at your body objectively. Your feet are your foundation, keeping you upright. Your legs move you forward and carry the weight of your body. Your heart supplies life-giving blood to the entire body. Your brain stores the memories and remembers all the signals transmitted from all your organs. Your reproductive organs create life and pleasure. Your skin keeps out pathogens and keeps your internal system contained. Your eyes see the world for all its beauty and all its pain.

What does it mean that you would have an illness that impairs your ability to do this specific thing or that makes you feel this specific way? What beliefs and attitudes surround your dis-ease?

When you can look to your illness as a wise teacher, you become a student of healing yourself. What is your dis-ease trying to teach you?

Affirmation: As I sit in silence, I ask my body, mind and spirit what I need to learn about myself from this experience of dis-ease.


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