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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 9, Day 58: What You Give is What You Get

Feel Your Flow

When you breathe, you feel the exchange of energy inward and outward. It’s an undeniable physical sensation. As you tune into the level of your heart, dropping your focus out of your head, you begin to feel a different sort of exchange.

The energy of emotion is not visible, but can certainly be felt. As you breathe, put your hands on your heart. Close your eyes and focus on a feeling of deep gratitude. It can be an actual event from your past for which you are grateful, or a desire you are intending to manifest. Either way, feel the appreciation flow through you. When we are thankful, our muscles relax, our face softens, our heart rate slows down and we experience a sigh of relief. Imagine now that feeling of gratitude reaching out to all people, places and experiences. This field of energy flows out from you and back to you in an infinite loop.

What is the feeling that you’ve been emitting? Whatever your predominant state of emotion is, that is what is flowing back to you. Are you fearful, angry, anxious? You will encounter more reasons to become afraid, angry and anxious. What you put out determines the energy field that is your existence.

In the profession of printing, we used a term called GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out. If the quality of the artwork is garbage, the final outcome will be garbage. Be mindful of the environment around you. Consuming low vibrational energy in the form of on-screen media, books and foods impacts the emotions coming out of you.

What do you want to receive? What sort of life do you want for yourself? Is it charged with anxiety, doom and destruction or is it filled with love, joy and peace? Until you can feel it within yourself, you will not see it showing up in your life.

Affirmation: Breathe. Fill up your body and spirit with the breath that connects all. Feel the connection at the level of your heart. Breathe in through your heart, breathe out through your heart, focusing on the emotional energy you want to experience for yourself and others.


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