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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 9, Day 60: Flow (Chart) of Emotional Energy

Feel Your Flow

Just as the Chart of Emotional Energy introduced a hierarchy of emotions in Lesson 5, this flow chart helps you visualize the energetic fields that impact your life.

The direction of your energy is your choice. Whatever you have been doing to heal yourself – from medicines to food to movement or counseling – adjusting your flow of energy will either help amplify healing or block healing.

On the left, you see the flow of energy coming out from you and cascading downward to represent the lower vibrations of fear, anger, depression, separation. That is the pool of energy that you collect and bring back into yourself. Any thought, prayer, words listened to or spoken that put yourself as “right” and others as “wrong” fall into this directional flow. Anxiety, hopelessness, and apathy are also low energy emotions.

On the right, the flow of energy is reversed in an upward tidal wave washing outward, meeting the resistance of opposing force and forcing it up and back into yourself. This is the elevation of emotional energy, the connectedness that leads into healing. When what comes out of us is so powerful as to uplift the forces that seem to be against us, we bring into our lives more than what we gave out. More love, compassion, joy. Healing.

In what direction is your energy flowing?

Affirmation: Breathe. Fill up your body, mind and spirit with the breath that connects all. Feel the connection at the level of your heart. Breathe in through your heart, breathe out through your heart, focusing on the emotional energy you want to experience for yourself and every other being without exception.


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