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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 9, Day 62: Center Yourself for Balance

Feel Your Flow

When you spin a top, the childhood toy with a pointy end, you notice that when the top is balanced it spins in a way that makes it look motionless. It remains perfectly balanced on its tip until it slows down and begins to wobble or it meets a bump on the surface that throws it off course.

Our energy is like that, sometimes flowing without effort in perfect formation. We get into a groove that feels joyous and healthy. But if we fail to keep the energy moving and become complacent, our lives begin to wobble and feel out of sync with our desires. Or we encounter an obstacle that throws us completely into a new trajectory.

When that happens, we pick up the top and spin it again. We pick up the pieces, and center ourselves to restart the flow of energy. Our reaction determines the next course of action. If the change of motion sends you into a wobbling, dysfunctional place in life do you stop and do nothing? Do you attempt to spin again on uneven ground, unsure and angry about the interruption?

Or, do you lay the groundwork for a new beginning? Find a balance that starts the flow of energy outward from you, vibrating upward with only the intention of what you wish to bring back in. Grounding. Centering. Balance. It all begins with breathing.

Affirmation: Breathe. Fill up your body, mind and spirit with the breath that connects all. Feel the connection at the level of your heart. Breathe in through your heart, breathe out through your heart, focusing on the emotional energy you want to experience for yourself and every other being, without exception.


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