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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Moving from Despair to Aware

I experienced my first wave of depression in the eighth grade, around age 12 to 13. We didn’t call it depression back then, but I remember feeling as if I was drowning in emotional energy.

I started The Course in Healing for myself and for my three daughters. I’ve watched them develop the same sensitivities that I have and want to help them navigate the complex issues involved in being a medium and an empath. What I never understood as a child was that these sensitivities are part of you whether you want them or not. You are a medium and an empath whether you choose that path or not.

When the pandemic forced all of us to stay home from school and work and life, I realized quickly that I could no longer devote the time and energy required to channel, write and deliver the content I create for TCIH. It became clear that the healing I could offer was needed right here in my home. As my youngest daughter turned 12, my own troubling memories of that age came back to me as a wise teacher. My experience with depression and toxic overload prepared me to recognize the vibrational frequency of despair swirling around my home.

I’ve tuned my awareness inward for now, helping my girls absorb the atrocities of the physical world without becoming buried in it. I offer my ear, my voice, my feelings on politics, on Black Lives Matter and racial injustice, and on discrimination against any person for any reason. I encourage them to speak up without resonating with fear and separation – to use their anger and their voices to elevate the conversation to a higher energy of love and connection. That’s where true healing takes place.

The Course in Healing continues, just not on the same daily schedule as before. I encourage my readers to continue on the path to healing and read again the previous lessons when you’re in need of encouragement and waiting on a new lesson. I will continue to post messages as time allows. I also encourage you to sit in silence and breathe before you speak or act. Awareness begins in silent connection.

I’m also available for private healing and intuitive sessions (contact me from my web site, not social media.) One skill the pandemic shutdown has strengthened for me is the ability to tune in to energy across a distance. I’ve always relied on hands-on healing until the physical isolation forced me to go beyond my limited beliefs. Awareness changes everything. I’m thankful to grow and learn during the challenges of life.

Sending peace and healing to you.


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