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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 11: Money Responds to Vibrational Energy

Money can be found at the root of dis-ease, divorce, war, freedom and power. People fight over it, steal it, hoard it, long for it and die for lack of it.

Your beliefs about money are what drive any dysfunctional role it has in your life.

The way you use money or think of money determines how it comes into and goes out of your life. It is simply another exchange of energy, like breathing. When you hold onto money for fear of losing it, you build an impenetrable wall that prevents an easy flow of money.

Money is currency; a current of energy. Balancing the flow of this energy is the goal. If your outward feelings are fearful about money, worried about making money or about having enough, you will pull inward more situations of lack and disparity. If you believe you will never have enough, that will be true.

If you steal money, or use money only for yourself with no regard to others, you will notice other areas of your life stolen away from you. People, opportunities, and joy become elusive and unstable. Freedom, respect and love cannot be bought with money that has been stolen or attained at the harm of another being. In other words, how you make your money matters.

If you constantly spend money that you don’t have, making purchases from some imaginary bank account, money will remain an imaginary, nonexistent part of your life. When this happens within a relationship, this overspending of energy usually represents a desire for something that is missing in that relationship. Focus on that to get out of the cycle of disputes over money.

For money to lose its power over your life, especially if you believe money will solve your problems, you must surrender your beliefs about it. Money is neither evil nor happiness. Money does not make one person better than another.

Money is energy. Money responds to your energy. When you receive money, express gratitude. When you spend money, express gratitude. Even if you must use money for an illness or unexpected bills, express gratitude. Thank the universe for providing for your wellbeing.

The vibrational energy of money responds when you invest your time and passion into pursuing the highest good for yourself and others. Money responds to acts and feelings of unconditional love.

Affirmation: I surrender my limited beliefs about money. Money is not to be loathed or loved. Money is vibrational energy. I am grateful for money and I commit to using money as an exchange of energy.


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