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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 6, Day 42: Expand your Definition of Energy Healing

All Healing is Energy Healing

Healing your body by healing your energy is nothing new. By expanding your vocabulary, you can adjust any misconceptions you may have about the words. This week, you learned to look at traditional healing and alternative healing in a new light of awareness.

Day 36: Western Medicine is Energy Healing. Medical doctors today are more likely than previous generations to adopt and encourage alternative healing. If your doctor dismisses your suggestions or complimentary techniques, look around for a better partner.

Day 37: Drugs & Supplements Involve Energy Healing. Synthetic medicines often come with toxic side effects and must be used with caution. However, there are circumstances that require a calculated risk. If this is where you are in your journey, investigate alternative therapies that help offset the harmful consequences of drugs. Be diligent in your research of supplements, and work with a qualified herbalist or naturopath to use natural substances to restore your body.

Day 38: Counseling Involves Energy Healing. Mental health and physical health are treated as two separate issues in our society. There is no separation. Counseling should always include a physical screening. And a physical imbalance should also be corrected by healing the thoughts and emotional issues.

Day 39: Meditation & Prayer Involve Energy Healing. The physical benefit to a contemplative practice is the easiest and most overlooked form of healing available to everyone. There are no reasons, no excuses for excluding it from your life.

Day 40: Food Involves Energy Healing. The food you eat can kill you or heal you. It’s your decision. You make that decision with every bite you take.

Day 41: Explore Traditional Energy Healing. Search online, ask your friends for referrals. You may be surprised by how many people rely upon healers but were afraid or embarrassed to talk about it.

Affirmation: I open myself to all possibilities. Just as dis-ease has many causes, healing can come from many sources.


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