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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 1, Day 7: Honor your decision to heal

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Healing is a decision

On Day 1, you were asked to choose between your diagnosis and healing. You learned that true healing does not need to be tailored to one specific dis-ease. Wholeness heals all dis-ease. This will become more clear as you dive deeper into the course.

On Day 2, you made a list of toxic choices and healthy choices. These include habits, thoughts, people, jobs, media, food and physical activities. Only in becoming aware of our choices can we change them. If you did not do this exercise, stop now and do it. The rest of the course will be meaningless without this awareness.

On Day 3, you began the practice of journaling by identifying at least three things or people for which you are grateful. By practicing gratitude, you begin to eliminate the heavier thoughts of fear, anger and disappointment.

On Day 4, you identified what healing means for you. You must write down your vision of a life without sickness; a future with joy and the energy of wellness. By clarifying this desire, you shape the path of your healing.

On Day 5, you made a commitment to love and honor yourself. The daily practice of deep, controlled breathing is your first step to nourishing your body and resetting the patterns of your mind. Breath is your connection to life. It connects you to earth. It connects your heart and your mind to a higher intention.

On Day 6, you identified ways to incorporate healing rituals into every day. Just as simply as you have learned to wash your hands, check your phone, or run your fingers through your hair, you can learn to be grateful, breathe, honor yourself, and write in a journal.

Today, look back on these assignments and complete each one with your full effort if you have not done so already. Healing involves your complete desire and focus. Honor this decision by devoting yourself to the practices of healing.

Affirmation: I promise to walk through each step of this journey aware of my choices. My decisions over time form my habits, and my habits become my reality. I choose healing thoughts, healing activities and healing emotions every day.


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