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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 1, Day 2: Identify toxic vs. healthy choices.

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Healing is a Decision

We make thousands of decisions each day, many without awareness. These decisions over time become habits, and habits over time become a part of your personality. How many times have you heard someone, or yourself, declare they have an “addictive personality?” An addiction is the result of a decision repeated over time without conscious awareness. It can be broken by making new decisions.

Throughout this course, as you affirm your decision to heal, you will be asked to write down your thoughts. Journaling is a key component to changing your thoughts, and changing your reality. Begin your journal today in whatever format you are most comfortable; paper and pencil, sketchbook, computer file or even a cell phone. Whatever you use, be consistent. Keep all your entries in one place for future reference and date each entry.

Today, make a list with two columns. On the left write down all the toxic areas of your life including food, people, jobs, addictions, medications, thoughts, and ways you waste your time. Do you binge toxic television programs involving murder, deception, toxic relationships and shallow, material-driven desires? Do you start each day watching or reading the news filled with discord and destruction? Do you judge people, talk about them when they are not around, or invest time thinking about ways you can change them?

On the right, list healthy choices that you could make instead of the toxic decisions. How can you start your day to include joy, compassion, enriching foods and a feeling of peace? If your job is toxic, think of ways to improve it or transition out of it. What people in your life cause the most drama, require the most time and energy and make you feel drained and unhappy? If the toxic people don’t live in your household, plan now to minimize or eliminate contact with them. List the type of people you would like to be surrounded by.

Affirmation: It is my desire to heal my body and my mind. I take responsibility for the toxic decisions I’ve made in the past and begin today to make healthy choices in my actions, my thoughts and my relationships.


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