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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 2, Day 11: Explore Your Emotional Room

Healing Involves Four Rooms

The emotional room or body includes the full spectrum of emotions in the conscious and subconscious mind. The Course in Healing will discuss emotions in great detail as the lessons progress. Recognizing repressed emotional wounds and learning how to raise your emotions to a higher vibrational level are key components to healing. What is important to consider today is your awareness when it comes to your emotional health.

In recent years, emotional intelligence has been used to more accurately predict the success of a person than the traditional measure of IQ. Emotional intelligence measures the extent of awareness one has for their own emotions, and how to recognize and traverse the emotions of others.

Maybe you’ve never questioned why certain situations provoke a feeling of anger. You simply get angry at a circumstance because you feel it is the most logical response to being provoked. In fact, you feel justified in your anger and will hold onto it until an apology is received. Or, maybe you are unflappable. You don’t have an emotional response to any situation. You refuse to be upset even under extreme stress, stuffing fear or anger or sadness into a cluttered closet.

Are you emotionally sensitive, moved to tears easily by a song or movie, quick to get angry but also quick to laugh? Are you emotionally vacant, always armed with a joke to smooth over a situation or to leave a conversation until all parties calm down? Consider the spectrum of emotions for any given situation. Do you feel that there is only one appropriate reaction for each situation?

Increasing your emotional intelligence begins with awareness of your own emotional spectrum. Journaling helps to unearth deeply buried truths about yourself. When you stop to consider exactly how you are feeling emotionally, you can begin to discern why you feel that way and ultimately how you can use these emotions to improve your situation.

Affirmation: I desire to heal myself by becoming aware of who I am. My emotions are dependent upon my thoughts, and my thoughts are dependent upon my experiences. With awareness, I can change my thoughts and express healthy emotions.


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