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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 2, Day 13: All Your Rooms are Connected

Healing Involves Four Rooms

The analogy of the rooms helps you understand and visualize how the energetic aspects of yourself are dependent on one another. If the structural integrity of one room in your house became damaged, or was inadequately built, the adjoining rooms would also lose integrity. Think of all four rooms as having load-bearing walls.

Physical illnesses often have a physical origin. Think of cold and flu viruses, lung disease from smoking or environmental pollution, or neurological damage from heavy metal poisoning. Now ask yourself why some people are afflicted after exposure to physical toxins and others are not? Why do some members of a family get sick with the flu, while others who are breathing the same air and exposed to the same surfaces, stay completely healthy? How can one person smoke cigarettes for 50 years with no evidence of lung cancer while another person suffers lung disease from unknown or brief exposures? Sometimes the physical room breaks down when there is a breakdown in the emotional, spiritual or mental room.

When you think of what it means to be healthy, do you automatically think of diet and exercise? The challenge of this course is for you to ask yourself if you are emotionally healthy. Are you spiritually healthy? Are your thoughts creating a healthy environment for you and everyone who encounters you? Considering the whole integrated system of who you are is necessary to allow your body’s natural healing ability to take over.

If you’re healing a physical symptom, examine ways you may need to heal your emotional, mental and spiritual health as well. If you’re undergoing treatments with a medical doctor, this work is meant to complement what you’re doing with your healthcare team. Explore the need to reach out to different forms of healers as you uncover imbalances in your thoughts, emotional intelligence, relationships and spiritual connections.

Future lessons will focus on rebuilding the foundations for each room. For today, work again on establishing your daily routine of breathing, affirming love and respect for yourself and writing gratitudes in your journal.

Affirmation: I desire to heal myself by becoming aware of who I am. The four rooms of my self are connected energetically. Healing one room, one aspect of myself, strengthens the health of all other aspects.


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