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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 2, Day 14: Explore Your Actual Rooms

Healing Involves Four Rooms

If you are a house with four rooms, what would those four rooms look like? Are they sleek and modern, well-worn and filled with antiques, or mismatched and cluttered?

Look around you today at your home. It may be an apartment, a dorm room, or just the bedroom you keep in a shared house. How do you feel about where you live? Is it too big and lonely? Are you constantly concerned about what others think of it? Do you neglect your home, making a mess with no regard for how it looks or feels? Maybe you don’t think much about it because you’re more concerned with dreaming about your next home?

The way you keep your home, your car, or your office may give you some clues about the state of your wholeness. How you perceive your surroundings determines how you feel about them. Your feelings about your home can impact whether or not you are comfortable inviting people in for a visit. Long-term discomfort, stress and negative thoughts impact your physical health.

In the energy healing practice of Reiki (ray-kee), the practitioner clears the energy of the room and activates it with healing energy. Clearing the energy of a space is as important as clearing the energy of a body.

Grab your journal. Sit on the floor of your bedroom or the room where you spend the most time. Begin with your cleansing breaths. You should know by now how many seconds for the inhale, how many seconds to hold the breath, and how many seconds for the exhale. This type of breathing clears your head and calms your nervous system.

Look around the room and write how you feel in this space. Notice areas of the room that need cleaned, repaired or reorganized. Write about what you are grateful for. Now write about the emotional charge associated with the room. Is it love, joy or peace? Maybe loneliness, anger, frustration? Whatever it is, spend a few minutes asking yourself why you feel this way about this space.

Affirmation: I desire to heal myself by becoming aware of who I am. I deserve a home that reflects the wholeness of healing. I desire to be comfortable in my home and in my physical body. I desire to be comfortable expressing emotions. I desire to know that God lives in me and I live in God.


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