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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 3: Day 16, Your Thoughts are Energy.

Everything is energy.

Have you ever thought of a person, maybe someone you haven’t talked to in a long time, only to run into them later that day? When you raise your awareness to experiences like this, you notice more of them. If the body appears as visible, solid energy, then thoughts are invisible, non-solid energy.

It works for both desired and undesired outcomes. If you think you will run into terrible traffic while hurrying to get to work, you are bound to find it. If you catch yourself saying things like “that will never happen,” or “I’ll never get it,” you’re setting into motion an outcome with your thoughts. The energy of your thoughts has the ability to do work on a series of events in time to bring about an outcome.

Watch your thoughts today. When you catch yourself predicting an outcome you don’t want, turn it around. Make a decision to think and speak with focused desire, and notice how your day turns out.

Positive thinking and positive affirmations are often used in healing. How you use them is important. Positive thinking also can be a form of denial. You must practice awareness of all facets of healing: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. In other words, just thinking you are going to heal from chronic pain doesn’t undo the damage of sitting at a desk all day for the past 20 years. You will have to correct your posture, heal through movement, and examine how you really feel about the job that has wreaked havoc on your body.

For now, practice awareness on all your thoughts. Any time you think “there’s no way that _________,” or “I’m certain ____________,” you are putting into motion an outcome. Make sure the outcome is the one you desire.

Affirmation: My thoughts are energy directing what I bring into my life. I choose healing, joy and peace.


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