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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 3, Day 21: Awareness Changes Your Energy

Everything is energy.

All week you have focused on the structure of life, hopefully opening your eyes to possibilities that you've never considered before.

Day 15: Your physical body is energy. It requires energy, it expels energy, it is energy.

Day 16: Every thought carries a wave of energy, connecting to an outcome. Your awareness of these thoughts helps you choose the outcomes you desire.

Day 17: Your emotions are powerful vibrations that travel beyond your physical body. The way you feel is based on how your thoughts judged an event. As you learn to eliminate the need to judge, you learn to choose the emotions connected to healing.

Day 18: Your spiritual energy is that which connects you to all life. Your relationships with God, other people living and deceased, the earth and your self are bound by your spirit in an unbreakable bond.

Day 19: The earth, the air, the water, all the elementals of nature vibrate as energy that our body feels. Not only can you resonate with the earth’s energy, you can send harmonious energy through your thoughts and actions to the earth as a daily healing practice.

Day 20: Everything you eat and drink becomes a part of your vibrational energy. Is the food necessary? Was it produced in kindness or cruelty? How do you feel before, during and after you eat the food that you choose? Get into the practice of giving thanks, feeling love, and asking the food to work for your highest good.

Today, look back on these assignments and complete each one with your full effort if you have not done so already. Healing involves your complete desire and focus. Honor this decision by devoting yourself to the practices of healing.

Affirmation: I promise to walk through each step of this journey aware of my energy. My awareness over time forms my choices, my choices become my habits, and my habits become my reality.


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