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Finding Peace Within

Lessons on Healing Yourself and Creating a More Compassionate World

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Lesson 3, Day 17: Your Emotions are Energy

Everything is energy.

When you’re angry, what happens to your body? Your heart rate speeds up, your face may get red, your voice gets louder. Anger inflames the body and mind. The energy of anger is easier to feel physically than other emotions, but all emotions carry an energetic charge.

When the body is tired, chemically out of balance or nutritionally underserved, emotions will be more difficult to control. You’ve heard the term “hangry” for the feeling of anger when you’re hungry. You may have witnessed explosive emotions in children who are in dire need of sleep. The body doesn’t necessarily drive the emotions that we feel, but our ability to process our thoughts that form emotions does depend upon the health and strength of the body.

We are taught to think of the brain as the source of all thoughts, and therefore all emotions. But notice where you feel physical sensations with different emotions. You feel heartache, butterflies in the stomach, and something profound taking your breath away. Your emotions carry an electrical charge that acts on your body, and on your surroundings. Your emotional state can also change the emotional state of people around you.

How is that possible? Your body, all four rooms of it, has an electromagnetic field that expands outward beyond your skin. This field can be measured several inches and sometimes several feet away from the body. Your thoughts and emotions broadcast out into this field, influencing the energy fields of others.

Have you ever wondered why a dog growls at one stranger, but wags her tail in excitement at another? Dogs are more sensitive to emotional energy than humans. They pick up on fear and anger, as well as joy and compassion and react accordingly.

The way to elevate your emotions and learn to sense that energy field all around you and everyone else, is to meditate. The previous lessons have started you on that path if you don’t already have a meditation practice. Sit, close your eyes, and breathe. While you are developing a consistent routine, don’t expect an outcome and don’t worry about using a specific technique. Just breathe in and out, holding your hands over your heart.

Feel the rhythm of your heart slow down as you relax into the breathing. Beginning and ending each day with this practice helps you return to this state when stress and anger flare into your own energy field.

Affirmation: My emotions are energy impacting the way my body performs, and the way others feel. I choose gratitude, compassion, and joy for myself, and desire to feel it in everyone I encounter.


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